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Marketing Research Evolves – Paid Surveys Come Of Age

Up until the 20th century, buying and selling was simple. Businesses were largely local which allowed for a close relationship between suppliers and consumers. Competition was non-existent and the opinion of consumers was felt to be irrelevant.

The rapid advancements during the Industrial Revolution quickly changed business operations from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Early marketing students had been educated as economists, schooled in the principle that demand was relevant to purchasing power. However, it became apparent that demand was much more complex than the financial ability to buy and that desire had become a factor in business.

New concepts in advertising proved that purchasing desires could be magnified and shaped by elements beyond mere availability of products. Extended markets allowed greater production of goods and transportation options quickly taught businesses that they needed to know specifics about customers to be able to compete.

With the modern marketplace being fiercely competitive, companies today have a greater demand than ever to monitor the pulse of consumers. However, the busy lifestyles of consumers in general made it more difficult for companies to engage people in telephone and direct mail surveys. Consumers perceived that they were being given a sales-pitch versus participating in independent research. And who has time for that?

The Internet age introduced easy access to consumers for marketing researchers. They could reach both general consumers and business consumers easily by posting their surveys online; however, there was still the issue of enticing people to take the time to participate.

Over the years, consumer science and market research have evolved collectively into a finely-honed craft. Companies spend over $250B globally in an effort to convince people to buy their products and services. Of that amount, over $750M goes for market research alone.

Being the savvy bunch that they are, marketing researchers finally grasped the concept of offering consumers something of value in return for their time and participation versus asking people to participate just for the sake of offering their opinions to help businesses in tailoring their products and services. To meet their own ever increasing demands for consumer information they began offering various incentives in exchange for time.

Consumer survey incentives range from entry into drawings for cash prices, points awards that can be accumulated and redeemed for merchandise and even cash payments to participants. Specialized surveys for professionals such as those in the IT industry often pay quite well. Researchers also pay consumers to participate in customized studies through which they can learn about their perceptions of specific products and/or services.

In addition to paid incentives, some marketing research companies offer people free products for sampling. They forward new products to consumers to try with the agreement that the consumer will later provide an assessment of the product. After trying the product, consumers complete an online survey sharing their experience with the product and indicating whether or not they would buy it on their own. Test products can range anywhere from household cleaners, snack foods, health/beauty products, detox and cleansing products, weight loss products and all the way up to electronics. In many cases, participants are allowed to keep the products at no charge.

By taking advantage of paid market research offers, consumers can actually earn a part-time or even full-time income, depending upon the amount of time they invest and the number of research panels in which they participate. This has proven a productive source of supplemental income for stay-at-home moms, small business owners, retirees and college students. Simply by signing up at paid survey web sites and checking their e-mail for survey invitations, they can earn extra cash and incentives on a regular basis.

Another advantage of earning extra cash by joining Internet-based research panels is convenience. Participants can respond to survey invitations 24/7 which is much easier than trying to work a second or part-time job.

Market researchers also know that small businesses are the pulse of the American economy. With the emphasis in today’s markets having shifted primarily from that of products to the service industry, researchers always have a demand for opinions and details of purchasing practices of small business owners.

Small business owners and work-from-home professionals can have a significant impact and can shape the quality of products and services available to them by participating in online surveys. This allows them to tell companies exactly what instead of hoping that someone out there will finally deliver what they need.

Plus, they will be rewarded for the time they invest. The concept of paid surveys makes it a win/win situation for both sides. Be aware that the market research profession is largely legitimate but there are some Internet sites that are a scam. Never pay a sign-up fee for receiving information about available surveys.

Remember that you have something market researchers value: your experience and opinions as a consumer. Use that information to negotiate participation in research surveys and you will enhance your lifestyle and income.

By: Alex Ruban

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Alex Ruban has been the owner and editor of Online Paid Surveys since March, 2003. His site provides information about hundreds of free legitimate paid online surveys, polls, and focus group providers along with detailed reviews, descriptions of each program, paid survey guidelines, day of testing and useful tips.

Great Information About Paid Surveys

Have you ever seen information about paid surveys and wonder if it is something that is real and would work for you? There are plenty of websites promoting these surveys that if you can find the right ones, you could make some extra money on the side. Of course what this requires is that you have the time to devote to a number of different surveys and you answer them as honestly as possible. Also this requires that you are part of a public group that the makers of the survey are interested in.

It may sound like a simple thing when you hear about paid surveys and albeit is a lot of fun and particularly easy, not everyone is cut out for such work. You have to be honest with your answers. If you are trying to say what you think the surveys are looking for, you may be declined for more surveys later. The key to being successful at such a wonderful side business is that you have to be honest and consistent in your answers. This is a time not to be a people pleas-er, but a time to really reflect on what these surveys are asking you. If you know about paid surveys, you know that you are paid valuable money for your valuable honest opinion.

Of course most everyone would claim to give an honest opinion but sometimes that is not quite enough for the survey company. If you represent a part of the population that is not equally represented, then your opinion could possibly make you that much more money. When you learn about paid surveys, you learn that the surveys are designed to get the opinion of people that are not usually represented. You play an important part in getting your values heard.

Lastly, learning about paid surveys is a lot of fun. If you can get signed up with the right organization you stand to make a lot of money and have a great time doing it. Unfortunately though, like a lot of things on the Internet there are scams set up as well. Make sure you do your research about the company you want to start working for. Stay true to yourself in the honesty of the questions and before long you may have made a name for yourself in the world of surveys to be able to handle a lot more fun work in the future.

By: James Vernon

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Why Online Paid Surveys Are The Best Online Job Opportunities?

These days due to recession and increasing expenditures everybody is looking for some part time income resources. There are many online money making opportunities but paid surveys are best of all these because of their simplicity, ease of work and decent payouts. There are many other reasons which makes online paid surveys best online job opportunity.

Online surveys have gained huge popularity due to their different nature than other online or offline part time job. Online surveys are suitable not only for teenagers but for adults and older as well. Online surveys are very helpful in making decent amount of income if you work honestly and take every survey opportunity that you get in your inbox. Yes, it is true. After signing up with a genuine paid survey site you get survey opportunities right in your inbox and your account will be accredited after you complete a given survey.

These online surveys are based mostly on your area of interest. When you sign up with any of these survey sites you are required to fill up a profile of yours. All surveys you get after that are based on your personal interest. Now nothing can be more amazing than just giving your honest opinion about any subject and get paid for it. But online surveys have made this possible and thousands of peoples earning excellent part time income with these.

These survey companies never share your personal information such as your e-mail id etc with any body. So your privacy is secured. You can also set up a new e-mail id for these online surveys only as this helps in better management. No survey company ask you about your confidential information such as SSN number etc. in any case.

But the most important thing is that you should join many good genuine paid survey sites if you want to earn good part time income. There are many survey sites that are not more than scams and are just a waste of time. Most of the peoples get in to such sites and ultimately gets nothing except frustration.

But there is a solution to this problem.

There are many survey network sites that work hard on doing marketing research in maintaining a database of most legitimate paid surveys available. These sites have tie up with big companies like Wal-Mart, Sony any many others. These sites charge you a small one time fee of about $25 to $30 and then you get access to the best online surveys and start earning without fearing of scams.

By: Stephen Phillips

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You can join these survey network sites at discount rates from where you will get detailed information about these legitimate paid surveyssites based on my personal experience.